26 Apr 2008

Zipper Pouch

Ankara Zipper, originally uploaded by Urbanknit.

The humble zipper pouch. Make it do whatever you want it to. Some reasons why you need one (or more!):

1. Keep those wayward receipts together in one place.
2. A cosy place for your ipod.
3. A mini make-up bag for the essentials. Fits nicely into a bigger bag.
4. Keys coins and a few cards all in one place, works well as a little clutch
5. They come in bright prints and batiks making them easy to spot in your bag
6. Best of all- BUY ONE GET ONE FREE till the 30th of April.

Check out the collection here- zipper pouches

18 Apr 2008

Yesterday's New Quintet

Yesterday's New Quintet:

Joe McDuphrey
Ahmad Miller
Monk Hughes
Malik Flavors
Otis Jackson

The album 'Angles without edges' is one of my all time favourites. Produced by Madlib under Stones Throw records. Its a jazzy, cool, soulful feel. Hard to put into words. You just have to listen.

Love it. Now I have to get all their individual releases

12 Apr 2008


I came across Xenya on etsy, this shop is that of Julie Shiel's. In particular I like her photography of abandoned, found spaces. I share this interest in old and weathered buildings and spaces. I enjoy the way they seem to tell a story of a past life and whisper memories.

Julie's work is particulalry rich in textures and colours and are right up my street! Here is a quote about her work.

My photos are often taken in abandoned or forgotten urban settings and I hope give you a glimpse of things few people see. I believe old buildings have a soul of sorts, and my hope is to record a piece of that soul before these places are demolished for strip malls or developments.

As an architect I do get to see a lot of buildings in various stages of disrepair and they are indeed very interesting. There is, as Julie says, forgotten beauty in these spaces and places.

Do visit Julie's store www.xenya.etsy.com

8 Apr 2008

We Make London

Join us on the 22nd of June this summer for a chance to lay your hands on some handmade art, accessories, jewellery and a lot more.

Date: Sunday 22nd June 2008
Time: 11.00am – 17.00pm
Where: Dragon Hall, 17 Stukeley Street, London, WC2B 5LT
Entrance: free
Nearest tube: Holborn, Covent Garden

Check out the We Make London blog for more details.

I'll be taking part so see you there!
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