23 May 2009

Mini Snap Give away

This Mini snap clutch in Adire is up for grabs. Checkout out the giveaway at sandierpastures.com/giveaway

I am also having free worldwide shipping all weekend so if you fancy treating yourself then do come along www.urbanknit.etsy.com

Have a great weekend.

21 May 2009

Street Art at the Tate

This was taken sometime last year, I think it was in the summer when Tate Modern was taking a look at what Street art is. I am sold on anything that is colourful and bold.

9 May 2009

The Mega Snap...experimenting

Been experimenting with different fabrics for the snap clutch. This one is denim with cut Ankara flowers. The inside is lined with the main Ankara fabric. The clutch also has a metal chain as a strap. Oh yeah, it is also HUGE!

8 May 2009


So I got myself a model..... my fab bro. Bye bye mannequin. tee hee. Only problem is unlike the mannequin, this one talks back!

7 May 2009


This is by far one of the coolest things I have ever owned. Some say cycling in London is crazy but it is actually a lot of fun and the freedom it gives especially during rush hour traffic is unbelievable.

The appeal of the Brompton has many parts. The fact that it is foldable and very easy to carry around has to be one of the most important. Its like having your own personal transformer! It just looks soooooo cool, folded or unfolded.

I went for the classic black although initially I wanted a lime green one but came round to the idea of having a black one (like almost everyone else).

I think Brompton is a very cool brand. The product, the marketing, the website, the idea are all super. What else can I say, this is a beautifully made object, that works so well. To see more about what Bromptons are about check out their website www.brompton.co.uk

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5 May 2009

WOOLY SALE! 20% off

Forest and Lichen cowl, originally uploaded by Urbanknit.

Spring has either sprung or is springing so I am putting all wool pieces on sale for a week. So pop along to urbanknit.etsy if you are interested.

For shoppers in the UK, go to urbanknit and enter W2S at checkout to get your discount.

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