17 Mar 2011

The A - Z Initiative

Fat Zebra Owena Clutch, originally uploaded by Urbanknit.

I have been thinking of this idea for quite a long time but I have finally decided to go ahead instead of trying to plan it to perfection before executing it.

There is a tradition in Nigeria where for special occasions friends and family wear the same fabric as the celebrant. This is called 'Aso-ebi'. It is a way of showing solidarity, support, oneness.

It used to be that people would say, please wear 'Alari'. This is a type of Aso-oke, a hand-woven fabric which often ranges between deep red and magenta in colour.

So if you had one like it, which you probably would, you'd just wear it. In more recent times people often buy brand new fabric or have a large quantity custom-made and sent out to friends and family to have made into their own individual outfits. So on the day there is an array of dresses, tops, blouses, shirts and what not all in the same fabric. It makes for very interesting viewing!

After my long ramble I get to the point! A lot of people end up with a lot of Aso-ebi that they no longer wear and as a way of doing a little bit to help, I have taken donations of such fabric.

A - Z is an Urbanknit initiative to donate proceeds from sales of bags, totes, clutches made from these upcycled, repurposed, recycled fabrics to assist orphanges in Lagos State, Nigeria. Its a start!

This image is the very first one and is availabe on Etsy and on Bigcartel. Happy browsing

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