23 Feb 2012

Cool Tees Thursday- Print Brigade

Quite late in the day I know but came across this one in a roundabout way through Etsy. It is by Print Brigade. It kind of speaks for itself doesn't it? How are you all gearing up for the weekend?

9 Feb 2012

Cool Tees Thursday- ?uestlove on Okayplayer

Our Cool Tee this Thursday features none other than the legendary ?uestilove of the Roots. Amazing artist and also quite iconic. My birthday is just round the corner so feel free to send this one to me. I wear a small. This Wordsworth tee is available at Okayplayer along with a whole bunch of amazingly beautiful music.

4 Feb 2012


has teamed up with the creative funding giant, Kickstarter, to promote the most inspired projects from Africa and the diaspora. Check out the innovative projects on their curated page here
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