30 Jan 2012

Not On The High Street is hiring

Fancy a new job or a career change?

I can only imagine that Not On The High Street would be an absolutely fantastic place to work. So if you are interested in the vacancies in Marketing, Finance, Merchandising and so on, then click on this link! Work for Notonthehighstreet.com

21 Jan 2012

Su Beningfield

I won't try to write anything clever because this work speaks for itself. I have taken a little excerpt from the site just to let you know a little bit about this beautiful jewellery and sculpture by Su Beningfield

Su Beningfield's jewelry is unmistakably sculptural, reflecting her years of practice as a design architect and her fascination with natural lines and sensual forms.  Her South African upbringing imbued in her a love of nature and a clear preference for creating bold and elegant design work.

The pieces are first modeled on the computer and then 3D printed in wax, before being cast into precious metals. They are finally painstakingly assembled and finished by hand. Each piece therefore combines the latest technologies with age-old manufacturing techniques. The result is an unique collection of remarkable sculptural jewelry, which is as individual as the people who wear it.


19 Jan 2012

Cool Tees Thursday: Transmission Underground

Our Cool Tee this Thursday is from a fellow Bigcartel store. We have to support our indie brands. This is one called Electro Dependence By Transmission Underground which is described as being a Cali underground T-Shirt company started in Santa Barbara.

I like the simplicity of this one.


13 Jan 2012

Fela: Waka Waka

A very good friend sent me a link to this Fela track. I have never heard it before and the 'sound' is very different to what is now known as the Fela sound, the sounds of Afrobeat. Nevertheless, I really love this track. Thanks Kemdi!

11 Jan 2012


Please make sure you check out  IAMTHELAB  which is a wonderful initiative promoting indie and handmade designs and designers. There is also an opportunity to get your hands on beautiful handmade goodies at an exclusive discount. (Click for a big discount on Urbanknit accessories.)

The site will offer a great resource for the handmade community to help with setting up their websites, blogs and creating a professional and accessible home on the internet. There will be things like fonts and themes and a whole lot more.

You must have a look if this sounds like what you need.

And oh.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Here's to a fantastic 2012.
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