14 Aug 2008




The ‘Nu-Craft’ movement hits London’s West End for the first time. Kingly Court, Carnaby Street will be hosting a showcase of British designer-makers who will be displaying and selling their own, hand-crafted and vintage-inspired designs in the ‘Urban Craft Stars’ pop-up shop.

The craft look is definitely back in fashion and in the current credit crunch many consumers are moving from mass-produced and ikea to a locally created and hand-made aesthetic when it comes to interiors and original gift items.

The Urban Craft Stars will be ‘popping up’ for a limited period only (till 31st August) but all the designers are also available through online craft hub etsy - where they met and the idea was first seeded by organiser and littlechook founder Karin Duguid - or through their own websites.

Everything from furniture recycled from old tube maps to organic printed kid’s tee shirts, funky hand-knitted scarves, photography and pretty leather purses will be available to buy at competitive prices.

Carnaby Street is best known for swinging sixties fashion but Kingly Court just off the main thoroughfare has been cultivating smaller labels and vintage boutiques for over 10 years and now hosts some of the best original design talent in London.

Urban Craft Stars, 1.4 Kingly Court, Carnaby, London W1

The shop is open daily from 11am – 7pm, Monday to Sunday

See www.carnaby.co.uk for further directions

And the ‘stars’ are:



Peppermint Twist

My mum’s a hippie


Ryokan Art
tel: 07974 319 488
e-mail: tim@morue.co.uk

Gidan Nodza

Please please please have a look at this lady's shop. You can just see the amount of time and care and passion that goes into each of her pieces. She is based in Lagos, Nigeria and I am a fan for many obvious reasons.

Need I say more, take a look for your self!

Gidan Nodza

House of Nodza

11 Aug 2008


I have got a Fatboy and I think everyone needs one in their life. They are basically huge bean bags designed by a Finnish designer called Jukka Setala. You can sit, lie, sleep on them and they are surprisingly very comfortable and so much fun too. You squeeze a 'you' shaped space in them and enjoy the cosyness that is formed all around you.

It was love at first site and I have got a white one as I wanted everything in my flat to be white. It was..... and then I moved but that is a different story.

The name couldn't be any better too. Just imagine my conversation when I ordered it over the phone at work (during my lunch break of course).

me: 'Hi, I am calling about the Fatboy I want to order.... I saw it on your website. Do you have them in white?'... thats great..... how long does shipping take, can I pay over the phone?

work colleague: errmmm, I couldn't but over hear your converstaion on the phone.... is that legal?


Have a great week


2 Aug 2008


'I See You'- by erinzam

Erin is a graphic designer who also enjoys illustration, painting and making books. For more of her work- www.erinzam.etsy.com

She also has a beautiful and very informative blog
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