26 Oct 2010

Lemi Ghariokwu- Fela album covers

This is the work of the artist behind the iconic Fela Kuti album artwork- Lemi Ghariokwu. The album covers where and still are as distinct and recognisable as the phenomenal Afrobeat music they 'clothed'.

So colourful, vibrant, unapologetic. Masters at work indeed! If you can, go and see the Fela! broadway show, showing in London at the National Theatre from next month.

24 Oct 2010

Chistmas Super Snap Collection

Urbanknit's super snap clutch Christmas collection.Will be available at The Shop Floor Project in November. Be sure to check it out!

22 Oct 2010

Le Petite Marche- Sunday, 31st October

Yes! Urbanknit will be at this month's Le Petite Marche with a super collection of clutches in adire, ankara and aso-oke.

Sunday 31st October: 12pm-7pm

The GET Arena
Opposite Oriental Hotel , Oniru Estate
Lagos, Nigeria

What is it:
A piece of Portobello in Lagos...
For those who enjoy a stroll down the busy Portobello road, the energy and noise from customers haggling in the market stalls and the aroma of hot dogs and corn-on-a cob and shopping ...you would love Le petit Marche.
This is a new age market with goods varying from vintage clothing and Bric à Brac, to Art, retail clothing and brand name clothing and accessories.

So.........Come on by and say hello!

Janelle Monae- Neon Valley Street

Was completely mesmerised when I listened to this for the first time......

Find out more about Janelle Monae

12 Oct 2010

Pico Pouches

New vintage Aso-oke Pico pouches available at My Asho

9 Oct 2010

Peacock Guitar Band- Eddie Quansa

Nigerian highlife music.... No idea what they are talking about but I love it all the same.

7 Oct 2010

The Winged Victory of Samothrace

I came across this statue of the Greek goddess Nike at the top of the Daru staircase in the Louvre museum a few years ago and I was utterly enchanted. I do not know why.... maybe it is because I don't know what she looks like and can only imagine, maybe its the flowing drapery of her skirts that causes you to imagine a windy sea or the graceful poise, or the apparent ability to fly. I really don't know but I think it is beautiful. Simple enchanting.....

If you get a chance you must go and see for yourself.

Created- 190 BC
Discovered- 1863 AD
Found in- Samothrace (a Greek Island)
Material- Parian marble
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