27 Mar 2009

Le Petit Marche


Where Lagos Meets Lagos

The small market is back, and this time it features even more exciting stalls.

From Vintage to highstreet clothes.


Independent designers

Jewelry and Acessories



And lots more

Venue : Lagos Toast. 12 A TBS (Next to long tennis club). Onikan Lagos.

Date: 28th March 2009

Time : 12noon till 7pm

For more information contact: Wonu , 0806 551 3536 or wonuola.odunsi@gmail.com

So get your Flip-flops on!! And get ready to bargain hunt!!!

Shopping in Lagos just got interesting….

23 Mar 2009

Free Your Soul- Free art project

I really like the idea of this project. Free Art. Cool right? The idea is simple, you can download a pdf of a piece of art for free. You can print it out at home and put it on your desk, fridge, wall. Anywhere really. Artists can get in touch with Jen Wallace of IndieFixx to have their work as part of the project. New artists are featured monthly.

This piece is my current favourite and is by K.Smith who has a very eye-catching store on etsy called Unconventional Ida. You can find so many more of her interesting characters there. I may be wrong but I believe the original would have been painted on wood.

Please go to Free Your Soul for some interesting art or if you want more information about the project.

19 Mar 2009

Super Snap clutch- Poppies

Super Snap clutch- Poppies, originally uploaded by Urbanknit.

I don't know if I will ever get bored of prints. I use mainly African print fabrics for my bags but sometimes I see one which I cannot resist buying like this one. As soon as I saw it I knew it was coming home with me.

At the time I didn't know what I was going to do with it. I have been getting together a collection of clutches to put in my bigcartel shop and this is one of the 3 I made over the weekend. It photographs well.

I am very tempted to keep it for myself!

18 Mar 2009

Calder and Bourgeois

I was in complete heaven when I walked into the Tate late last year and saw two of my favourite art pieces together in the same space, the contrast and the scale where just so interesting. I actually went back another day armed with my camera. I know they are replicas but these is something very fascinating about them being in the space.

Alexander Calder's bright and abstract Flamingo next to Louise Bourgeois's Maman which is more wirely and textured. Loved it! The original Flamingo which is 53 feet high is in the Federal Center Plaza in Chicago surrounded by tall, grey office buildings. The colour is actually know as 'Calder red'. Its is made out of stainless steel.

On the other hand there are many Maman spiders which have been photographed in locations all over the world. They seem to crop up everywhere and in my opinion they never look out of place, in the grounds of the Palais des Tuileries in Paris, both outside and inside the Tate, in a park, a museum (these are just a few of the places I have seen them).

Apparently, the original work is 30ft tall and is also maid out of stainless steel. The others are replicas and are bronze casts. I like these pieces so much that I will look further into other works by these artists in later posts.

17 Mar 2009

Enterprise Nation

Enterprise Nation is a great website if you are looking to start or develop your business from home. I like it because the information is presented in a simple and concise way that makes it easy to read and digest. There is a lot of very useful information to pick and choose from.

I also did a interesting Q & A a few weeks ago so check it here
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