28 Sep 2007


icecream, originally uploaded by syrtveit.

is heaven-sent! I haven't really met many people that don't like icecream.

Strawberry cheesecake does it for me. What's your favourite flavour?

24 Sep 2007

Hint Clutch

The 'Hint' Clutch
Originally uploaded by Urbanknit
This is my newest style of clutches. Asymmerty is more interesting sometimes. Its a bit of fun, a bit of formal.

It has been really interesting to see how the same shape and style looks with different fabric combinations. This particular image is of a hand dyed tie & dye. It is know in Nigeria as 'Adire' and has to be my favourite fabric of all time (so far)

The Hint clutch is larger than the average clutch so if you want to make a statement, this is the one for you.

It closes with magnetic snaps and is just the right size to hold your wallet, phone, camera, makeup, keys. All the while, you'll be the only one in a 100000mile radius to be rocking such a piece. There is none other like it as the fabric is limited in production.

handmade and completely unique.


23 Sep 2007


is an absolute classic track. By Roy Davis Jr featuring the fantastic Peven Everett. Its hard to squeeze this one into a genre and it is most definately not mainstream but beautiful and hypnotic all the same. Love it, love Peven.

Have a listen....

18 Sep 2007


This is pure laziness, sorry! But... its a good link from my last post about Etsy. I got featured on the Etsy frontpage and I could not have been more excited if i tried. For those who are on Etsy, its a really big deal. I was in great company with ramonawest, knots, yaelfran, yellowmonday, JennSki, thecraftydevils, TheBrokenPlate, JMNPottery, Kreativlink, Sunyata and annalaura. Thanks to Jonatloengo.

Vogue cover, here i come!

Oh, i almost forgot, for those that are in London or near-by. I'll be taking part in an Art and Design Fair next week Saturday on the 29th of September. Below is the flyer. Come and say hello! Thanks to feltbug for the invite. Will let you know how it all goes.

12 Sep 2007


is a place where you can find the quirkiest, coolest, most colourful, shiniest, funniest, funkiest, cutest, loudest, wooliest, most stylish, 'pinkest', warmest, loudest, lovingly crafted handmade things. www.etsy.com

An almost endless collection of beautifully handmade items are continously available from independent artists and designers. If you need a new addiction this is it.

Here are a few gems (of thousands and thousands) from sojourncuriosities, vital, altertheearth and apassionforfashion. check out their stores!!

1. key chain by aPassionForFashion

2. buttercup ear rings

3. mens track jacket

4. computer parts postcards

its almost the weekend, have a good one whatevers you are doing, see you soon!

6 Sep 2007

Deola Sagoe

A fantastic Nigerian designer. Words cannot capture her exceptional work except that these creations are truly beautiful.
Once visited her showroom with my mum and she happened to be there. She was understated, simply dressed and softly spoken. I was very intrigued and very inspired. Some of her pieces are like works of art and so beautifully made.

Check out her website.... and be inspired... Deola Sagoe

photographs and designs copyright of Deola Sagoe
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