30 Apr 2012

Urbanknit on Pinterest

Oh yes! Urbanknit is now on Pinterest. Follow us to see what inspires us, motivates us, dazzles us, wows us, makes us laugh and more. Its fun and dare I say addictive!


19 Apr 2012

STRIPES OF TRADITION – Introducing Urbanknit’s Listra Clutch

Listra Clutch

Urbanknit launches a new collection of handcrafted clutches. The envelope-style purse is known as the Listra Clutch and is made using vintage versions of the Nigerian fabric known as Aso-Òkè.

Listra Clutch
Aso-Òkè (pronounced ah-SHOW-kay) is a hand loomed cloth woven by the Yoruba tribe of south west Nigeria. It is usually worn on formal occasions such as coronations, festivals, weddings and funerals. It is considered to be special and symbolic with certain colours and motifs appropriate for specific occasions.
Its history, texture, colours are unique and make the Listra clutch a small part of a larger more elaborate and intricate picture. 

The Listra clutch is also available in Ankara and Adire.

5 Apr 2012

Urbanknit at The National Centre for Craft & Design

The National Centre for Craft and Design

Cool News! A selection of Urbanknit goodies are now available at the National Centre for Craft and Design in Lincolnshire. So if you are round the way, do visit!

The National Centre for Craft & Design
Navigation Wharf
Carre Street
NG34 7TW
United Kingdom

The National Centre for Craft & Design
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