28 Oct 2009

Cool Tees Thursday

So I got lazy and just looked in the etsy gift guide 'the perfect t-shirt' for this 'selection of a cool tee.

There is something so lovely about the colour and the leaves.

Its called golden blossom and is by freeflightclothing

Check it out!

25 Oct 2009

Flickr Fav

, originally uploaded by Caviardage.

This is one of my favourites from flickr. I think its the layering of colour and the stillness but I really like this shot.

From Caviardage's collcetion. Check it out

23 Oct 2009

Music: Rick James- Glow

This is currently on repeat, love Rick James and love this track called 'Glow'

Have a good weekend!

21 Oct 2009

Cool Tees Thursday- Funkrush

Here's another cool tee installation and I love love love this one.

Its is titled DJ Rocky and Lil Rascal designed by Philip Tseng. Too too cool. I wish I had a bigger image of the tee shirt but anyway...this works on so many levels! I mean you can't really go wrong with a name like Funkrush, canya?

I like it so much, I may well get one for myself, they are available for guys and gals.

Check out funkrush. They have an interesting mix and collection. Definitely worth a look! Think I am going to go and check out Philip Tseng, seems like my kinda guy. Here is his online portfolio.
Great stuff.

See ya!

15 Oct 2009

Cool Tees Thursday- Rosie Music

This weeks cool tee is from Rosie Music on etsy. I like it because its kind of soft and feminine but still bright and interesting.

Its called 'Home Sweet Home' and you can find it here.

10 Oct 2009


We are having a sale at Urbanknit in our etsy store. Free shipping all weekend on all items.


Scarves, cowls, clutches, totes, everything.

Please have a look and share with anyone you know might be interested. Its easy, just use the share button at the bottom of this post.

Thank you.

8 Oct 2009

Cool Tees Thursday- Glenn Jones

Another helping of cool tee shirts. Its named 'Calling Home'. No need to explain this one!

Spotted on Threadless by a designer by the name of Glenn Jones a freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Auckland, New Zealand. I am fast becoming a fan.

Check it out his website

1 Oct 2009

Cool Tees Thursday- Critter Jitters

I have a weakness for tee shirts. I know I should dress smarter but they are just so comfy and cool. You can have almost any kind of t-shirt. Really, the possibilities are endless!

So just for the fun of it, I am going to be doing a regular COOL TEES THURSDAYS. I'll do a feature of a cool t shirt I have discovered. If you know any cool t-shirt designers then please point them my way.

I am starting off with this one from Critter Jitters a fellow etsyisan. Its giving a nod to the 80's. There are some things that were kinda cool about that era!

Check out http://www.critterjitters.etsy.com for more funky tees.
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