22 May 2008

Bee bag

The Bee bag, originally uploaded by Urbanknit.

So summer is finally here. In London we are getting some sunshine and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way.

To suit the season, I am introducing the Bee Bag. It can be used for everyday running around, as a shopping tote or even better for carrying your bits and pieces to the beach or park.

This is the first made out of Ankara and lined internally in bright orange cotton. There are more fabric and colour combinations to come.

Do you have anything fun planned for the summer? If so let us know what it is!

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12 May 2008


Often images speak volumes or capture a moment that may never be repeated. I won't go overboard on this but photography and imagery can be so powerful or subtle or both. I can spend hours looking at photographs of almost anything!

A friend of mine, Jide Alakija has a very interesting photoblog. There is a great variety of moments, smiles, colours, textures. Warning!!! it is very addictive but please have a look at Jide's photoblog and let me know what you think. I have so many favourites from his work but then thought I'd ask him to choose one of his favourite images and tell me why he had chosen it.

Here it is and his reason for his choice.

This is a shot of two very good friends who you may know but are very special to me. Adebola Okelarin and Segun Okelarin (nee Garuba). This was a shot during a video footage where my friend, Charlie Goring was filming for their wedding. I not only like the pure expression of love in the photo but also how the elements around the photo all seem to smother them as Ade expresses his love. I also think it represents how much he loves her in the public eye, as you can see this photo was taken in an open/public space. This shot means a lot to me in light of the ups and downs they have both had coming up to their wedding. As an artist capturing a moment like is more than just skill but honour, as they have shared one of their lovely times with me.


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