15 Feb 2008


Old Typewriter, originally uploaded by Marimoo.

QWERTY- the keyboard of a typewriter or computer of the ordinary sort, whose top line begins with the letters Q, W E R T and Y.

I bet you just looked down at your keyboard! The lovely lovely image above is by Marimoo, check out her blog. She also is a fellow etsyian and has allowed me to use her photograph which completely captures what I think is interesting and quirky about typewriters.

I have always wondered why the keyboard doesn't just read from A through to Z. The origins as to why they are as they are can be traced back to old typewriters. If you are interested, click qwerty.

I love old typewriters. I have no idea why but there are quite impressive. There seemed to be a certain art to the way they were made, they appear almost sculptural. I also really like way they produce imperfect type on paper although in this day and computer age that would be a little bit annoying! no backspace, cut, paste.... i don't think so!

image courtesy of Suzanne Clements

I also came across this beautiful print by Suzanne Clements another etsyian, check out her store too. This piece is beautifully titled 'Long Forgotten Memories'. I think that sums it up perfectly. Love it!

Anyone have any old, interesting, quirky objects they like?

Before I sign off for the weeknd, thought I'd mention a magazine I was featured in, Mimi magazine. A long and detailed piece thanks to Belinda Otas. It is called 'What is Urban about African couture?' Have a read! Have a lovely weekend too!

10 Feb 2008


I am sooo stuck on Q, I'll have to come back to this one.
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