23 Aug 2007


with names like:

Vanessa Atalanta (Red admiral)
Inachis Io
(Peacock butterfly)
Lymantria monacha (Black arches)
Parnassius apollo (Apollo)
Argynnis paphia (Silver-washed fritillary)

their intricate patterns and vivid colours

the fact that they fly

they are symmetrical but yet not perfectly so

they are the inspiration for so many designers both directly and more abstractly.

their transformation from ugly to beautiful

they symbolise so many things: freedom, elegance, gracefulness, hope?

they are fascinating and beautiful. why? any suggestions? have they inspired anything you have created? do you like them, hate them? feel free to add your comments.

here is an image that formed part of the Diary 2008 project which is a really interesting idea where each day of the year in a diary is designed by a different artist/crafter. Each page becomes a small piece of art making the diary a lovely collection of thoughts, ideas, sketches, drawings (and of course URLS) from all over the world.

have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.


Lucy said...

Thank you, it is nice what you said about the diary project, I wish I could write as well as you :-)

Precious Quilts said...

Hi, well, butterflies - I chose my butterfly for my avatar because I think they are precious and beautiful hence the name of my Etsy shop Precious Quilts!

Nice mention re diary - can't wait to get my copy! I have a page too with opaque versions of my butterfly flying up the page.

Precious Quilts said...

Hi, if this appears twice I apologise! Don't know what happened.

Anyway, what I did say was that I love butterflies. I chose a butterly for my avatar because I believe them to be precious and my shop sells precious items for little ones - Precious Quilts!

Like your mention of the diary. I have a page with my butterfly in opaque flying up the page, can't wait to see the whole book!

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Hi there - Lovely start to a blog!

I have a page in the diary too and am going to blog about that on Monday... can't wait to see everyone's work and artistic style.

Sara x

Urbanknit said...

sara and precious quilts, i'll be getting mine soon and will be looking out for your pages in there, thanks for stopping by.

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