15 Feb 2008


Old Typewriter, originally uploaded by Marimoo.

QWERTY- the keyboard of a typewriter or computer of the ordinary sort, whose top line begins with the letters Q, W E R T and Y.

I bet you just looked down at your keyboard! The lovely lovely image above is by Marimoo, check out her blog. She also is a fellow etsyian and has allowed me to use her photograph which completely captures what I think is interesting and quirky about typewriters.

I have always wondered why the keyboard doesn't just read from A through to Z. The origins as to why they are as they are can be traced back to old typewriters. If you are interested, click qwerty.

I love old typewriters. I have no idea why but there are quite impressive. There seemed to be a certain art to the way they were made, they appear almost sculptural. I also really like way they produce imperfect type on paper although in this day and computer age that would be a little bit annoying! no backspace, cut, paste.... i don't think so!

image courtesy of Suzanne Clements

I also came across this beautiful print by Suzanne Clements another etsyian, check out her store too. This piece is beautifully titled 'Long Forgotten Memories'. I think that sums it up perfectly. Love it!

Anyone have any old, interesting, quirky objects they like?

Before I sign off for the weeknd, thought I'd mention a magazine I was featured in, Mimi magazine. A long and detailed piece thanks to Belinda Otas. It is called 'What is Urban about African couture?' Have a read! Have a lovely weekend too!


Jamila said...

I love old typewriters, myself. My friends all think I'm crazy, but I just got one (free) on freecycle.org, and it's the perfect little fixture in my living room. I'll have to point them to this blog.

Jamila (of Jamilary)

pollyanna cowgirl said...

I love old typewriters too; I had one for a while and the level of concentration needed just to write a simple letter to a friend is CRAZY! :)

Jessie Cacciola said...

beautiful, and lovely blog....I'll have to check out your shop as well...=)
- Jessie -

nataJane said...

I love the old typewriter!!!!! These photos are fantastic.

Jessica Ziel said...

Congrats on the article, bookmarked to read latter.

Jezabels Jewels said...

Congrats on the magazine feature! yay, right?!?!

I adore old typewriters...but I wonder if I would feel the same way if I had to actually use one! lol...what the heck would I do without backspace???

xoxo, Jen

Allison said...

I wish I had room for a vintage typewriter. I also wish people used "snail mail" more...

Wendy said...

What an interesting article about Qwerty. I had no idea why the layout was that way. Just proves you can learn something every day if you are open to it!

Urbanknit said...

thank you all for stopping by!

@ Jamila- by all means do. wondering if you will actually type with it?

@Pollyanna cowgirl- thank you very much

@natajane- i know they imagery is beautiful. great photographers.

@jessica- thanks, I was quite pleased

@allison- i really like getting letters and sometimes wish people sent more rather than emailing

@wendy- thank goodness of wikipedia!

Purty Girl Designs said...

Hvae four sitting around my house. I love them! i miss the elegance of a machine! thanks for the reminder

GreenSpaceGoods said...

I have a gorgeous old typewriter that belonged to my grandfather. The trouble is, I don't know where to put it! It is so heavy, it actually started to sink into the wood of the last table it sat on, so I'm nervous about putting it anywhere! Right now it's on the floor and my parent's house until I can figure it out.

Nice post. Thank you for reminding me of it :)

Ms zee said...

I just found your blog yipee... There is a clutch i love love love it was featured on lady brille's blog sometime last yr. I have checked your store but its not there :-( how do i order it?


lostintheforest said...

Hey, just wanted to say congratulations on the feature in 'Let's Knit' Magazine - I bought it today and there you were!

Urbanknit said...

@ lostintheforest. Thanks a lot! Its nice seeing my work and words in print, strange but nice!

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