28 Aug 2009

Pink diagonal

Pink diagonal, originally uploaded by Urbanknit.

My darling Imani modelled this for me and she is such a natural. This scarf is big and chunky. There is no cold getting past you in this!

I am starting to stock up for the winter season. Never too early to start, I have missed knitting so getting back to it. Its so relaxing after a long day at work.

Have a good weekend!


Nancy said...

I know this is off the point of you selling your knitwear, but, have you ever considered doing a portraits with textiles photography series? I just had a brainstorm...textiles have strong roots in most cultures and I think the duality would be really interesting.

Urbanknit said...

Hey Nancy,

I am not sure what you mean by portraits with textiles. All the same, it sounds very interesting so please give me some ideas.


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