30 Sep 2009

Mega Snap- purple and grey Aso-oke

This is the Mega Snap. It is the same idea as the previous Snap clutches but this one is as big as it gets. It is 12 inches wide at the top. This is definately a statement making clutch.

It was all about experimentation as I used Aso-oke which is by no means easy to work with. Aso-oke is a hand loom woven fabric from Nigeria so sometimes tricky to cut without unravelling the whole lot.

This is modern Aso-oke as, the older more traditional types usually have more lines and colour variations. I have made some clutches using some vintage Aso-oke from Ondo which I will feature soon.

This colour combination just made sense to me. The colours are all completely contrasting and that is sometimes how I dress. I don't bother to match the colours!

The yellow buttons are there to cheer things up, never want things getting to dull.

Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

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