12 Mar 2010

A. Olaku

I guess I was born an artist, because looking back in time, drawing had always been
one of the things i could do intuitively and effortlessly...
In my effort to leave my own creative prints in the sands of time, i have drawn
and painted innocently and unpretentiously.

Abiodun Olaku

My dad bought a few pieces of artwork quite a number of years ago and I became a fan of a Nigerian artist called Abiodun Olaku. There is a certain 'silence' which I like about the work. I know that may not make much sense but to me it does.

A lot of the pieces capture so much about certain aspects of life in Nigeria you can almost hear and smell the reality. One of my favourites is one of a street scene just after it has rained, twinkling light reflected off the rain puddles. Beautiful!

Have a look at his online gallery www.abiodunolaku.com

1 comment:

Rayela Art said...

Cool! A couple of his people pictures looked familiar. The architectural ones have a wonderful old-timey feel to them.

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