20 Jan 2011


I have chosen not to write any new year's resolution down so they don't come back and haunt me! This year though one of the things I am going to try to do is EXPERIMENT. Okay, so I have written that one down.

In any case, it’s a major aim. With colours, fabric, textures, new shapes, new ideas. Anything really and hopefully this will also apply to life in general and not just work.

To kick things off, I have been playing with my camera. I have a Canon digital SLR which is permanently on Auto! I am ashamed to say. So I am going to venture into manual mode and hopefully learn a thing or two!

This image was taken in manual mode but with no adjustments to the settings and no Photoshop work. I want it so serve as a reference point.

The flower was from a friend's wedding back in May 2010 and I have kept it ever since to indulge my love for things 'rusty' and weathered.

Have a great weekend.


Feltbug said...

Hello - lovely flower - hope you are still experimenting with your camera - I miss the old fashioned film and the dark room - but digital is so much easier and costs nothing which has to be a good thing. I hope you are well - it looks like you have been very busy. Take care, Mandy xx

Urbanknit said...

Still experimenting but not as much as I should! It is so much easier on the pocket as I spent so much on developing film only to find that half the shots were not great. Although with digital I end up never printing anything! Keeping very busy, hope you are doing well too.

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