18 Sep 2007


This is pure laziness, sorry! But... its a good link from my last post about Etsy. I got featured on the Etsy frontpage and I could not have been more excited if i tried. For those who are on Etsy, its a really big deal. I was in great company with ramonawest, knots, yaelfran, yellowmonday, JennSki, thecraftydevils, TheBrokenPlate, JMNPottery, Kreativlink, Sunyata and annalaura. Thanks to Jonatloengo.

Vogue cover, here i come!

Oh, i almost forgot, for those that are in London or near-by. I'll be taking part in an Art and Design Fair next week Saturday on the 29th of September. Below is the flyer. Come and say hello! Thanks to feltbug for the invite. Will let you know how it all goes.


ZudaGay said...

Congratulations for getting on the front page!!! I made it once (so far) and I was so excited. There is a 6 facts about yourself meme going around the Etsy bloggers, so consider yourself tagged. You can read about it on my blog.

Lovely knits!!!!

Cizem said...

Hey I found you on the front page of Etsy, that is how I found your blog... I really love what you do! I love your scarfs :) Congratulations :)

Urbanknit said...

thanks zudagay, so i am tagged, I'll have a look at your blog for the rules.

see ya!

thank you cizem, I was really excited about it when it happened.

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