12 Sep 2007


is a place where you can find the quirkiest, coolest, most colourful, shiniest, funniest, funkiest, cutest, loudest, wooliest, most stylish, 'pinkest', warmest, loudest, lovingly crafted handmade things. www.etsy.com

An almost endless collection of beautifully handmade items are continously available from independent artists and designers. If you need a new addiction this is it.

Here are a few gems (of thousands and thousands) from sojourncuriosities, vital, altertheearth and apassionforfashion. check out their stores!!

1. key chain by aPassionForFashion

2. buttercup ear rings

3. mens track jacket

4. computer parts postcards

its almost the weekend, have a good one whatevers you are doing, see you soon!


Merrill said...

Heard about your blog in etsy and decided to check it out! Looks awesome!

Nicole said...

ooh, some really nice things. :-)

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I've added you to my links list--hope that's OK. :-)

Feltbug said...

I love the bicycle jacket ! I have linked to you on my blog for the art fair - can't wait to try on some of your lovely scarves :)

Urbanknit said...

thanks for stoppingby merrill

thats very kind of you nicole!, i'll get round to adding more links of other blogs to mine, eventually.

feltbug, see you next weekend, I am looking forward to it.

Jessica said...

Thanks for featuring my trio of post cards. ^_^ I love your blog, awesome work. See you 'round Etsy.. and thank you again!

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