6 Sep 2008

Ice Blue neckwarmer

Blue neckwarmer, originally uploaded by Urbanknit.

This is one of many. All of which are in a chunky knit. I love chunky and textured knitting, its the instant gratification I think.

I've been experimenting with new stitches and textures for this season. I have so many colour combinations and more stitches I want to try. The list is endless but its all fun.

Again, the neckwarmer like the scarflette is for those that do not want a long scarf that gets in the way but stays firmly put round your neck and keeps it warm and cosy. I've been wearing my sage green one everywhere (even when it does not match my clothes!)

It's September. I'ts London. It's cold!


Knit and Sew City Girl said...

This is so funky! I don't really like long scarves as I'm a bit inpatient with my knitting. Also if the scarve is too long I end up dragging it on the floor (I'm not very tall you see). I look forward to seeing this season's new patterns.


Kebo Jewellery said...

Wow, this is gorgeous, I love it.


Urbanknit said...

thank you both very much. I love mini scarflettes and neckwarmers plus I don't feel guilty for having many. They don't take up as much space as a regular scarf!

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