13 Nov 2008

Rare Bird Finds- Cool Guy Things

Rara Avis (Latin) n. rare bird; a rare or unique person or thing.

Rare Bird Finds is your source for unique gift ideas.

I was very excited when I got a Google Alert that said one of my neckwarmers had been featured on Rare Bird Finds. I am very very very flattered, excited and appreciative. It is really nice when people see my work and like it enough to feature it so, Thank You!

It is tagged as 'Cool Guy Finds' How cool is that! Even better is the actual description of who the wearer may be! I couldn't have written it better myself. Check it out with the link below.

Grey Wool Neckwarmer

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esta sketch said...

congrats! rarebird always have such cool finds, and your neckwarmer is no exception :)

Morrgan said...

Congrats on the feature!

Urbanknit said...

@ esta sketch thats really nice of you to say. Thanks!

Urbanknit said...

@ Morrgan. Thank you

moxylyn said...

How cool to be featured! I love your neck warmers.

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