19 Jun 2009


Aso-oke is a hand loom woven fabric from Nigeria. This is made and worn mainly in South Western Nigeria. It can be tricky to work with because of its construction. Cutting it means the interwoven threads become loose and can be quite tricky to sew. I have decided to focus on tackling the difficulties of working with Aso-oke!

It is such a beautiful medium and it offers so many possibilities and textures that are not always present in printed fabrics so I am going to give it a go!

These are two examples of the Snap clutches I made using Aso-oke. The blue one is a more traditional looking pattern and colour combination and the woven thread is cotton. The pink one is a more modern take on Aso-oke and the thread is silk in a metallic finish.

Now what should I make next?


Anonymous said...

They are beautiful! I used to weave and own a loom (until it became to cumbersome to tote around with me every time I move). I commend you for working with this type of fabric. It looks lovely, and is so much more conceptual to your work than any other fabric would be.

Yayemarie said...

love these little clutches, tres joli and unique:)

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