19 Jun 2010

The Diary Project 2011

This is a really cool project that I took part in a few years ago. The idea is simply yet brilliant. Artisits, designers, graphic designers, illustrators, musicians, anyone with an interest, designs a single page in the diary.

All the pages are then put together to form a rather unique diary. Imagine having a diary where each page is completely different from the last and is a small piece of art in its self.

As one of the page designers you can chose a date that is special to you and go for it. I will definitely be taking part and have already reserved a date. Yes you get to promote yourself but I think it is more than that.

For all the details, go to www.fantazya.ca/diary2011.html


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful project - thanks for the post.

Urbanknit said...

You are most welcome Joy.

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