29 Jan 2008


etsy frontpage 20th Dec, originally uploaded by Urbanknit.

So this is a bit of laziness on my part. Just didn't have anything for 'O' so I dug into the archives and retrieved an Etsy Frontpage that I made it onto last December thanks to riyzedesignz.

You can guess the theme was.......Orange! It was great publicity and the scarflette got sold shortly after.

I am not even sure I am that great a fan of the colour but once in a while, it just works for me. I prefer the derivatives; burnt orange, rust etc. Are you a fan of Orange? Would love to hear your comments.

On another note, Urbanknit now has a facebook group so if you would like to be kept informed about events, new items, exciting news or are just a fan then do join urbanknit on facebook

thanks for reading!

1 comment:

jewelstreet said...

I'm with you on the color orange. I'm not sure I entirely like it, but every now and then like that front page it just works.

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